EIGRP L2 and L3 MPLS Design

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EIGRP L2 and L3 MPLS Design


MPLS: Multiprotocol label switch   is a service provider technology.
It gives you two things:
The service provider participate in the connectivity . It allows you to peer with them.

Using layer 3  SIP  allow you to peer with them, so their router table is your router table.

Layer 2 : All the routers  will see each other , connected to a big switch  they will form neightbor relationship with each other in that cloud

After you start running 8-12 routers  you move it to layer 3

Usually SIP will use BGP because BGP it’s used internally. They take OSPF and them  , they redistribute them  into BGP , become BGP works better in the clouds..

When you have layer 23 you have the ability  to use QOS ( You can prioritize  your VOIP traffic)
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