EIGRP Point-To-Point Configuration ( Charter 12)

EIGRP Frame Relay

 Point-To-point  configuration


This is a Non Broadcast multi-access network .We will set a hub and spoke connection

But we need to do this exercise in GNS3  ( more realistic than only the tutorial..)

We are setting on GNS , 3 routers and a frame relay switch

 we are going to bring a subinterface  on the frame relay switch between R1 and R2   and between R1 and R3.
So pay attention to the Frame relay switch configuration:

The numbers match the one in the graphic

You should have a result like this

The you should link router  1, 2 , 3  to the ports 1, 2  and 3 of the frame relay switch

Enter the following configuration on the Router 1

you should see your loopback when you type :show ip int brief

Try to have some notes like this so you dont have to type a LONG list of the similar  commands on each router

At the end , show ip int brief should look like this: your loopback and your interface

Now let's do the same in the other switches (2 and 3)

router 2

we will do the same procedure on R2  and we can see we are UP

Router 3

No that we check connectivity  we will apply EIGRP in all  routers  ( Use the note pad to make it faster)
We do:

  • show ip int br
  • and show IP route

we check Show ip route and we will all routes coming from another routers..We need to summarize:

copy and paste the following:
in Router 2 and Router 3.
Let's start in R2
conf t
int s0/0.201
ip summary-address eigrp?
ip summary-address eigrp  55
( 55 is the autonomus system)

We change the values in Router 3

we do  a final show ip route   and we will see all the routes , summarized coming from everywhere.

The exercise is done

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