OSPF DR/BDR relationship & Neighbor State

OSPF DR-BDR Relationship

Neighbor states

we will do some lab here

In Our GNS3  it will look like this

We configure the router , we set the console and we start with the interfaces

This is what we did

Conf t
Int loop 0
Ip address
(32 bits network)
Int loop 90
Description EIGRP Network
Ip address
(24 bit mask)

Int serial 0/0
Ip address
No shutdown

Create a routing process
Router ospf 1
Network area 0
(we are putting the loopback in area 0)
Network area 1
(we are putting the serial interface in area 1)

Redistribute eigrp 7 subnet metric-type1
(we are redistributing   EIGRP with autonomous system 7 and subnets , because we are bring subnets as well , and we are changing the default metric type (2) , so we are using metric type 1 so the metric can grow in propagate  in the ospf network)

Create a routing process for EIGRP autonomous system #7
Router eigrp 7

We need to use the wild mask of because it’s a class A and it can use  all the ip address starting with 10 and make it part of the EIGRP

Router 2

Conf t

Int serial 0/0

Ip address

No shut down

Router ospf  2 (Router process don’t need to match)
Network area 1


We could see that out neighbor network is included..

We can see in #show ip int brief   that it's up

 But in GNS3 is not showing up..It should be something like this:

it show that it's connected to area 1 with ip address with ospf process #2

Another interesting command is show ip ospf

It shows that the algorithmic was executed one time, no authentication and the number of interfaces  in the area  (1) 

We can turn on ospf  debug on R2

this is the result of show ip ospf

We will create a loopback 3 with a 32 bits mask in R1

this is the result on R2

Look at the result in R2

If we do serial s2/1, this is what we will see..

adjacent neighbor: it's the router ID, because it's the highest one..
Hello dead and wait has to match
it shows the serial 2/1
We could see here that it's a point to point network

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