Frame Relay Design ( Charter 11)

Charter 11

Frame Relay Design

Frame relay can separate customers..It’s the second generation of packet switching :
Example ; X25, Frame relay, ATM and MPLS

Frame relay it’s an alternative to dedicated switch.
Frame relay have a concept of DLCI, (Data link Connection Identifier),  a layer 2 address

We have in frame relay a lot of flexibility in our Virtual Circuil Design (VCD)

The cheapest is Hub and Spoke, but it can have some delay instead of going directly like full Mesh ( the most expensive)

How EIGRP handles NBMA

Split Horizon: it’s the idea  that a device can not receive a running update  and send the update back up.


It’s a distance vector loop prevention mechanism.
We need to disable that loop prevention mechanism. Dont set up a Multipoint Design with EIGRP
The way to do it:

1.   Split Horizon: is hard because it makes believes the router that  everybody can talks to everybody , but that no true because we have a hub and spoke topology
2.   The right way to do it is a Point-2-Point Design
NBMA  : No broadcast but a pseudobroadcast pretending to be a broadcast and forming neighbor relationship  OR enabling Manual neighbors

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