EIGRP Multipoint Configuration (Charter 13)

EIGRP Multipoint Configuration 

Charter 13
We always suggest that we should use a point-to-point design instead of Multipoint configuration.Routers will think we are using a big switch in the sky.But we need to know how to use multipoint

Let's take the original design 
So, in real life we need to design something like this in our GNS3

This is your configuration on your frame relay

Take some notes so you will only need to change the values in each router   and copy  paste the info in each one after that ( it will save the typing)
Look at the result ( to make our life easier)

Copy, modify  and paste this:
conf t

interface loopback1
ip address
interface loopback2
ip address 
interface loopback3
ip address 
int s0/0

no shut

Router HQ
int s0/0
encapsulation frame-relay
no shut
interface s0/0?
interface s0/0.100 multipoint   (We are assigning that identifier)
ip address
frame-relay map ip          (2 from the dlci)
frame-relay map ip 102     (the local dlci, no destination dlci)
frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast   ( broadcast allows pseudo broadcast NBMA)

Wee will do it on East and on West
frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast  
frame-relay map ip 103 broadcast  

Router East

copy this:

conf t
int s0/0
encapsulation frame-relay
int s0/0.201 Multipoint
ip address
frame-relay map?
frame-relay ip ?
frame-relay ip 201
frame-relay ip 201 broadcast
frame-relay ip 201 broadcast ( mapping the West)

Router West

the same but you change the final values

Look what happens when we ping to the East:

Now copy this and paste in each router

So we can finally configure all the routers

 we will see one neighbor:

Look in show ip route

we will disable split horizon

 We will see all the routes

Exercise is done!

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